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Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of two worlds

Introduction. (Q's 1-5)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: fate of two worlds (MVC3) is the sequal to Capcoms Marvel vs. Capcom 2:age of new heroes originally released in 2000. Ten years finally passed and a follow up was born directed and produced by Ryota Niitsuma. Featuring an all new revamped version that kept fans of the series and new enthusiasts alike waiting hand and foot for release date (Feb 15, 2011). The series had got its title by collaberating the North American hero icons (Marvel) and the Japanese hero icons (Capcom) in one game to fight to the death with no real background story as to why or how they even got into such a battle. Unlike the predicessors of this installment MVC3 has added a storyline in which our heros from both factions are trying to defeat a team of Marvel villians assembled by Doctor Doom that decided to team up with Resident Evil's Albert Wesker, in hopes of ruling the universe. While this alone sounds very interesting, what really lets the series excell is its unique style of gaming. Although its a fighting game, intstead of a one- to- one fights its three on three, each team with their own unique ways creating combos, or special moves, and each character having three special ways to contribute to the battle. I mentioned that its team oriented, well each three man (or women) team is customized by the player allowing you to make any team you want, based off of the characters given in the character selection screen. In the game you have two main modes offline and online. Offline mode allows you to play the story mode which is coined "arcade mode," play with friends locally, go to training mode, or do missions in which players are required to win certain fights or pull off certain senarios; There is also a gallery in which you gain character models, and artwork only viewable in game. In online mode you can battle for leaderboard rankings, or friendly matches including tourniment styled battles, gain titles/trophys and download new content for the game. The object of MVC3 is to defeat each stage of teams. Example: round one, thats a stage in where your three person team will fight another three person team. You win by diminshing all three of the other team members life bars. This is accomplished by six buttons, the four hit buttons and the two assits buttons, you use these to create combos and attack the apposing team. There is usually seven rounds in "arcade mode" then a boss battle which will always be Galactus because he is the big "destroyer of worlds."
The graphics for this game are top notch and are being held up with a whole new fighting game engine created just for the MVC3 installment. The art style is 3D characters (shell shaded slightly) with 2D settings only allowing the characters to move up,down, left and right. The music for the game is the classic jazzy fighting game style of music created for each character while they enter the arena, as well as every stage, loading screen, and viewing mode; all very enjoyable infact i have the soundtrack on my ipod. This bit of information is not what most fans of fighting games are looking for though, the bread and butter of a fighting game is the "character roster" and MVC3 delivers! With a wide range of characters from Capcom (including Chun-Li, Dante, Morrigan, Chris Redfield, Zero and more) and an impressive roster from Marvel (including Wolverine, Deadpool, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, and more) this game was well equipped from the "get go" for fans of both groups. You obtain 36 characters just to start with, while the game develops there will be more characters to download through the shopping networks (the first downloadable characters will be Shuma-Gorath, and Jill "Valentine" on March 15, 2011) also included in the the stores for download will be alternative character costumes to add on to the four costume colors they already have. The characters are picked based off of what is popular in the time being or what fans would enjoy but also what can be brought to the game that will be new. For example "Deadpool" he wasnt a very popular character amongst people who werent hardcore fans of Marvel, but he was brought into the game because he had a large fanbase and now even larger. The character roster is also picked by the limitations and balance of the game because you cant have a character that is too powerful and cannot be beaten by someone else in the game, that will cause the game to be unbalanced and not fun for the players. In short character casting for fighting games can make or break the game easily. Below is a video of what thinks are the top 10 greatest moves in the game. This video was chosen because i think it accurately repersents the game and its wild, flashy, fun self.

Evaluation. (Q6)
I would give this game a (9.75/10) because of the lack of character roster although there are 36 characters and more coming that you can buy, that doesnt make up for the fact that MVC2 had 56 and you didnt have to buy any new characters they were the base characters you got with the game. Another thing Capcom had a "spectator mode" on Super Street Fighter 4, which for fans is a huge deal because we enjoy watching and playing, thats how we come up with new stradegies on playing.
Putting all that aside this game is a wonderful game for new gamers and veterans alike! With the easy button lay-out, the amazing memorable cast of characters, bright enjoyable enviroments and the fun gameplay there is nothing anyone can do but pick up and play! The replay value on this game is beyond high, not only is the core game fun, but the developers at Capcom are constantly adding new things to improve the game for the gamers, which always has us coming back for more!

When buying this game i bought the special addition which came with a comic book featuring both Marvel and Capcom characters, some decals of characters, a mini art book, a free month subscription to Marvel comics online, and two characters to download on March 15th not to mention the special metal case. From there I noticed that my work had a giant vinyl MVC3 poster that was only given to certain stores, I begged for them to put it on auction and ended up winning the poster for $35. I added the sountrack to my ipod library, and continue to add more and more art pieces to my computer. My roommates and friends have MVC3 tournaments at my house, which is interesting because none of them were fans till they played then they became enthralled with just the idea of this game becoming a part of their lives! So me buying the poster was a great idea they love it and are very envious. As far as my family goes my mom plays MVC3 and MVC2 she is the one who really got me into the arcade fighting games and really pushed for me to play a game that would be stimulating and enjoyable at the same time.
What did i learn from this "case study?"
That people can and will enjoy a game even if they are not very good. As long as they have a variety of characters, the gameplay is simple, and they can visually be stimulated, then they will enjoy all of it.

Below is a montage of gameplay from Marvel Vs Capcom 3

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